Acceptable Items to Recycle:

Aluminum beverage cans
Steel food and beverage cans & aerosol cans

Clear, brown, & green glass food and beverage containers

#L - #7 containers & bottles with necks smaller than their bases

All sizes of cardboard boxes
Pizza boxes
Food boxes (i.e. cereal & Jello boxes)
EMPTY paper towel & toilet paper rolls
Paperboard packaging (i.e. tissue boxes)
Office paper (any color)
Shredded paper (in clear plastic bags please)
Newspapers & inserts
Magazines, catalogs, & brochures
Envelopes & junk mail
Paper bags
Phone books & other soft cover books

Metal Cans, Glass, & PIastics
Remove caps/lids
Rinse thoroughly
lt is okay to leave on labels and neck rings

Paper, Paperboard & Cardboard
Remove all packaging (Styrofoam, peanuts, plastic, bubble wrap, plastic liners, etc.)
Flatten ALL boxes/cardboard
Bundle all cardboard that does not fit into the recycling bin
Cover loose paper with heavier containers to prevent it from blowing away
Check weather forecast: If the forecast calls for high winds or rain, keep your recyclables inside until the following week if possible. Wet paper products are difficult to process.

Unacceptable Items to Recycle:

NEEDLES (Do NOT place used needles with recycling! This is a serious health hazard to everyone)
Plastic tubs, cups, & trays
Broken glass
Windows, mirrors, ceramics
Drinking glasses
Aluminum foil
Scrap metal
Tupperware or disposable plastic containers
Plastic tableware (knives, forks, spoons, etc)
Plastic grocery bags
Light bulbs
All solvent, oil & chemical containers
Food soiled material
Paperboard juice and milk containers
Soaked and/or wet papers or card board
Plastic food wrappers
Used paper towels or tissues

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