Borough Council
The borough council is made up of seven members. Each member is elected by the residents of the borough for a term of four years. There are no term limits. Council members must be a resident of the borough and remain a resident during their term.
Note: a council member cannot be elected and live in another state or municipality during the winter months.

Stewartstown Borough Council Officers:
President - Pam 
Vice President -Roy
Kimberly                                                                                                            David

The mayor is an elected official for a term of four years. There are no term limits for the office of Mayor. The mayor is in charge of the Police Department and does not vote, except to break a tie vote on council matters.

Stewartstown Borough Mayor:

Borough Council Special Committees
Please contact the borough office if you would like to attend a meeting to address a particular concern. Certain Council representatives are assigned to each committee.

Personnel:  Pam Almony, Bill Gemmill, Polly Kreiss
Police & Public Safety:  Roy Burkins, Pam Almony, Donna Bloom
Public Property/Refuse/Economic Development:  Roy Burkins, Polly Kreiss, Kimberly Carl
Streets, Roads & Storm Water: David Elwell, Pam Almony, Donna Bloom
Sewer & Water: Roy Burkins, Kimberly Carl, David Elwell

Borough Commissions and Authorities

Planning Commission:
Jason Roberts (Chair)
Harry Nizer (Vice Chair)
Earl Long, Terrell Turner, Dawn Gillispie

Zoning Hearing Board
Doug Plasterer-Chair
Dave Stampler, Michael Binko, Jack Cunning (alternate)


Authority Meeting Agenda-April 2022
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Borough Council Minutes - Jan 2022
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Council Meeting Minutes - March 2022
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Council Meeting Minutes w/Engineer Notes-May 2022
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Revised Borough Council Meeting Agenda-Jan 2022
REVISED Borough Council Meeting Agenda-July 2022
Sewer & Water Authority Meeting Agenda-Jan 2022

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